Personal Injury


Personal Injury


You may not experience any symptoms immediately after the accident due to shock and stress. 

However, as time passes, there are often cases of muscle tension and damage to ligaments and soft tissues, as well as problems with blood circulation.

Personal Injury Treatment 

After a traffic accident, post-traumatic symptoms may accompany general body pain. Along with physical shock, there may also be psychological damage, and satisfactory results can be obtained with prompt treatment. However, if left untreated, it can lead to chronic pain, so it is recommended to receive treatment early.

Even a small impact can cause damage to our body.

Post-Traumatic Syndrome After A Traffic Accident 

  • Continuous pain in the lower back

  • Numbness and pain that extends from the neck

  • Swelling in fingers and toes

  • Vision impairment, vomiting, and indigestion 

  • Difficulty turning the neck after sleeping 

  • Pain in the elbow joint when pressed from both sides

  • Feeling of heaviness in the head and headaches

  • Fatigue and decreased concentration

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  Based on the scientific examination and consideration of the patient's condition, personalized oriental medicine treatment and physical therapy are included to facilitate recovery from the injury.