Rotator Cuff Tear 


Rotator cuff injury is a condition in which the rotator cuff is torn and damaged due to various causes such as external impact and degenerative changes. 

The four muscles and surrounding tissues that surround the shoulder lose their original function. 

As the muscle repeatedly collides between the shoulder and joint bones, appropriate treatment is needed to relieve pain.

Causes of rotator cuff tear

Symptoms of rotator cuff tear. 

  • Pain in a specific area when raising the arm. 

  • Severe pain when pressing on the shoulder with your fingers. 

  • Feeling like something is catching in the shoulder when moving the arm

  • Experiencing severe pain at night that makes it hard to sleep.


Rotator cuff tears are typically classified into six types, including those with a hole, a thinning appearance, a fraying appearance, a splitting appearance, as well as those that are thickened and swollen, or completely torn. 

Especially since rotator cuff tears are closely related to shoulder function, it is important to treat them to prevent any hindrance in daily life.