Beauty Acupuncture


Facial slimming, acupuncture


Create a natural-looking V-line shape for your face.

Our program offers a natural and safe approach to facial slimming and lifting wrinkle improvement through the use of Korean traditional acupuncture and facial slimming techniques. 

With our program, you can achieve a smaller-looking face without the need for any chemical medications or surgical procedures.

Our facial slimming acupuncture, based on Korean traditional medicine, is a non-invasive and natural approach that utilizes the body's natural healing ability. By stimulating specific acupuncture points, muscles, and fascia, this technique improves blood circulation, unblocks congested vessels, and corrects the overall facial contour, resulting in a smaller-looking face. With its high effectiveness and minimal side effects, this Korean traditional medicine treatment allows patients to resume their daily activities right after the treatment.