Cervical Disc Herniation, Military Neck 


It is a common condition that can occur in modern people regardless of age or gender.

Intervertebral discs, which are located between the bones, can be damaged due to impact or aging, causing pressure on the nerves, a condition known as a herniated disc.

When the herniated disc presses on the nerves, it can cause numbness in the arms or fingers. 

At My Body Story, we provide systematic and scientific treatment for this condition. 

Cause Analysis

Symptoms of cervical disc herniation. 

  • Tingling sensation in the shoulders or fingers from the neck 

  • Neck pain and shoulder pain

  • Headache  

  • Insomnia due to pain


Cervical disc herniation usually begins with neck pain in the early stages, but as time passes, the pain may extend to the shoulders. Tingling sensations and sensory abnormalities, such as numbness, can also occur in the fingers depending on the location of the compressed nerve, and may even cause headaches. 

At MY BODY STORY, we provide personalized and systematic treatment to help patients recover and return to their daily lives.